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Midweek Hump #3: Creative Writing and Motherhood

Picture from: http://www.santaclaraadulted.org/cms/lib2/CA01001641/Centricity/Domain/68/creative%20writing.jpg

     The main reason I started writing blogs is so I would write. I love writing, but I also procrastinate. Hence this week’s Midweek Hump getting posted on Thursday instead of Wednesday. I have a journal that I’m pretty sure every other entry begins, “This time I am going to start writing daily.”
     Now that I am a mom I have realized all the time I wasted beforehand that I will never get back. I also now don’t have as much time to do the other things I love to do like writing, reading, crocheting and exercising.
     Don’t get me wrong, as cheesy as this sounds I would much rather be making my daughter happy than doing any of those things. But, my shout out question for today is for all the moms out there whether you are writers or not. What tricks do you use to make a little time for yourself when you have a baby or any older children? And if you are a writer what are some tricks you use to squeeze in some writing? Lastly, for all my procrastinators out there, what do you do to motivate yourself to not procrastinate?
     Have a great rest of the week everyone!