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Midweek Hump #1: New Teeth and Child Rearing

“Every breath I breath I breath for her.”

 – Sense8 on Netflix

“Those things that mark you when you’re young make you who you are. You never escape them.”

 – Penny Dreadful on Showtime

This is my first actual post. I want to let you the reader know that any names I mention will be changed and some details of my life will also be changed. Better safe than sorry.

This last week my five month old Autumn got her first teeth. Both of her bottom front teeth are popping up at the same time. Let us say at least that this has been challenging. It pains me and frustrates me when the pain of those first teeth cutting cause her to cry nonstop. It also pains me that her father, and my boyfriend, Nathan, can somehow soothe her faster and easier than I can. Sometimes I feel like I am just telling myself that I am doing my best when more can be done.

The above quote from “Penny Dreadful” really got me thinking about how I raise Autumn. I started to worry that I would do something that would “mark” my daughter in the wrong way. What if I didn’t pick her up fastest enough once she started crying and she began to think that I didn’t love her enough. Then I realized that all parents mark there children in some way. We are the pottery makers and we mold our children, for good or for worse. I can’t speak for all parents, but I am trying my best and I will get my Autumn through the pain of her new teeth popping up from her little pink gums. Two have come through, only eighteen more to go.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!