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The Week Ends #2: Magic Mike and Double Standards

Photo from: http://cdn2.crushable.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Magic-Mike-XXL-trailer.jpg

     This last week I saw the movie “Magic Mike XXL”. First I will start this post with a little movie review.
      Personally I love dance movies no matter how bad the storyline. I have watched all the “Step Up” movies multiple times because I like the dance scenes. So, first off “Magic Mike XXL” had some damn good dance scenes and I’m not saying that just because I thoroughly enjoyed the eye candy.
     This movie also had a lot more comedic value to it than the first movie, “Magic Mike” did (of course it did with more Gabriel Iglesias in it). Even Channing Tatum in an interview with Jimmy Fallon said this movie is more light hearted than the first one and probably “what fans wanted the first movie to be.”
     The only bad thing I can say about the movie is its lack of a storyline. There is only enough storyline to keep the movie going and that is it. But I went into the movie expecting this and I was glad for it. I thought that the first movie tried to be too serious out of nowhere.
     Now onto the next subject. When I got home from the movie my boyfriend says, “Now, if there was a female version of Magic Mike for guys we would get so much flak for going and watching it.” I had never thought of that, but he is right. How did it become that if men watch half naked women it is perverted, but if women watch half naked men it is “liberating”?
     I have never really understood the double standards concerning men and women’s sexuality. Why is it ok for women to act sexual, but not to have sex with a lot of men? Why is it ok for men to have sex with a lot of women, but it is not ok for them to look at scantily clad women? Why does this quote seem to ring true in this day and age: “A key that opens a lot of locks is a master key, but a lock that can be opened by a lot of keys is just a shitty lock.”
     What do my readers think on the subject of gender inequality? Or what did you think about either of the “Magic Mike” movies? Feel free to comment and discuss. Have a great week everyone!