The Week Ends #3: Sense8 Review

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     This is straight up TV show review of the Netflix show Sense8. This is another Wachowski production about eight people who gain special abilities and try to help each other in their own individual dramas while hiding from the people searching for them.
    Now I loved both The Matrix and Cloud Atlas that the Wachowskis did, so I was prepared to enjoy this TV show. I was not disappointed. I think a lot of cable television shows are shallow so they can get the most amount of viewers. With Netflix now as a platform for new TV shows it has allowed directors and producers to experiment with the TV show format.
     Sense8 is in depth and deeply follows eight almost completely different storylines. It is action, comedy, drama and horror all at once and it just feels right. All eight main actors and supporting actors do an amazing job, and I had no problem believing the intensity of the relationships between all of these people.
     I also really enjoyed how the Wachowskis incorporated eight different cultures. Unlike most American TV shows that only take place in America, Sense8 takes place in eight different places all over the world. Throughout the episodes you get to experience eight different cultures that you don’t normally get to experience when watching an American show. I can only imagine how complicated the filming schedule must have been if they actually filmed in all the different locations.
     I highly recommend this show to anyone. Sure, at first it comes off very science-fictiony, but it is so much more than that. Pretty much if you like any genre of TV show and you like intelligent TV shows you will find something you like in Sense8.


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