A Hello With a Smile

Hello! This is my first time blogging. Actually, let us not start off with even small lies, this is my second time blogging. My first time ended after my first post because heaven forbid I actually stick to something I plan on doing. Anyways…

I am doing this blog as a way to write (clearly) and not procrastinate about it (hopefully). The posts will probably end up being a hodge podge of different topics since I am myself a hodge podge kind of person.

The title pretty much explains my mindset at this moment in my life. Half mother due to me being a first time mom with a wonderful five month old. I know most parents think their kinds are wonderful, but my little girl is a walk in the park compared to some parenting horror stories I have heard. The other half of my mind set is all me, which sometimes I think is just a wee bit crazy (or perhaps more than a wee bit).

I think this blog will be a good read for other mother’s out there, and I am glad to hear other parents’s opinions and advice although I might not take it all. It will also be good if you like human interest stories since this will probably end up just being me spouting off the nonsense inside my head.

With all that said, I hope you guys enjoy and if you don’t enjoy, I apologize, but we probably just have different tastes and should see other people.


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