The Week Ends #3: Sense8 Review

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     This is straight up TV show review of the Netflix show Sense8. This is another Wachowski production about eight people who gain special abilities and try to help each other in their own individual dramas while hiding from the people searching for them.
    Now I loved both The Matrix and Cloud Atlas that the Wachowskis did, so I was prepared to enjoy this TV show. I was not disappointed. I think a lot of cable television shows are shallow so they can get the most amount of viewers. With Netflix now as a platform for new TV shows it has allowed directors and producers to experiment with the TV show format.
     Sense8 is in depth and deeply follows eight almost completely different storylines. It is action, comedy, drama and horror all at once and it just feels right. All eight main actors and supporting actors do an amazing job, and I had no problem believing the intensity of the relationships between all of these people.
     I also really enjoyed how the Wachowskis incorporated eight different cultures. Unlike most American TV shows that only take place in America, Sense8 takes place in eight different places all over the world. Throughout the episodes you get to experience eight different cultures that you don’t normally get to experience when watching an American show. I can only imagine how complicated the filming schedule must have been if they actually filmed in all the different locations.
     I highly recommend this show to anyone. Sure, at first it comes off very science-fictiony, but it is so much more than that. Pretty much if you like any genre of TV show and you like intelligent TV shows you will find something you like in Sense8.


Midweek Hump #3: Creative Writing and Motherhood

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     The main reason I started writing blogs is so I would write. I love writing, but I also procrastinate. Hence this week’s Midweek Hump getting posted on Thursday instead of Wednesday. I have a journal that I’m pretty sure every other entry begins, “This time I am going to start writing daily.”
     Now that I am a mom I have realized all the time I wasted beforehand that I will never get back. I also now don’t have as much time to do the other things I love to do like writing, reading, crocheting and exercising.
     Don’t get me wrong, as cheesy as this sounds I would much rather be making my daughter happy than doing any of those things. But, my shout out question for today is for all the moms out there whether you are writers or not. What tricks do you use to make a little time for yourself when you have a baby or any older children? And if you are a writer what are some tricks you use to squeeze in some writing? Lastly, for all my procrastinators out there, what do you do to motivate yourself to not procrastinate?
     Have a great rest of the week everyone!

The Week Ends #2: Magic Mike and Double Standards

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     This last week I saw the movie “Magic Mike XXL”. First I will start this post with a little movie review.
      Personally I love dance movies no matter how bad the storyline. I have watched all the “Step Up” movies multiple times because I like the dance scenes. So, first off “Magic Mike XXL” had some damn good dance scenes and I’m not saying that just because I thoroughly enjoyed the eye candy.
     This movie also had a lot more comedic value to it than the first movie, “Magic Mike” did (of course it did with more Gabriel Iglesias in it). Even Channing Tatum in an interview with Jimmy Fallon said this movie is more light hearted than the first one and probably “what fans wanted the first movie to be.”
     The only bad thing I can say about the movie is its lack of a storyline. There is only enough storyline to keep the movie going and that is it. But I went into the movie expecting this and I was glad for it. I thought that the first movie tried to be too serious out of nowhere.
     Now onto the next subject. When I got home from the movie my boyfriend says, “Now, if there was a female version of Magic Mike for guys we would get so much flak for going and watching it.” I had never thought of that, but he is right. How did it become that if men watch half naked women it is perverted, but if women watch half naked men it is “liberating”?
     I have never really understood the double standards concerning men and women’s sexuality. Why is it ok for women to act sexual, but not to have sex with a lot of men? Why is it ok for men to have sex with a lot of women, but it is not ok for them to look at scantily clad women? Why does this quote seem to ring true in this day and age: “A key that opens a lot of locks is a master key, but a lock that can be opened by a lot of keys is just a shitty lock.”
     What do my readers think on the subject of gender inequality? Or what did you think about either of the “Magic Mike” movies? Feel free to comment and discuss. Have a great week everyone!


Midweek Hump #2: Therapy Excitement

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“True evil is above all things seductive. When the decil knocks at your door he doesn’t have cloven hooves. He is beautiful. Offers your heart’s desires in whispered airs like a siren beckoning you to her.”  – Episode 9 of Penny Dreadful on Showtime

     Tomorrow I start going to therapy. I went to therapy three times when I was sixteen, but it was a half an hour drive one way to the therapists office and my parents couldn’t afford it when they raised their rates.
    I enjoyed therapy when I went because at that age I was a loner who struggled with depression, self-inflicting pain and suicidal thoughts. It was nice to talk to someone who seemed to understand what I was going through.
      Now ten years later I am a loner who struggles with depression, resists the urges (sometimes) to inflict pain on myself, and no longer have suicidal thoughts because I don’t want to deprive my daughter of having a mother. How things change in a decade, haha.
    The one thing I worry about is that it seems once you start going to therapy you either never stop going or they push pills on you. I know someone who went to therapy twice and got anti-depression pills right away. After she stopped going she got a new boyfriend and stopped taking her pills. To me it seems that she just needed a new positive outlook on life.
     But she is the only person I know who has gone to therapy and the rest I have derived from TV shows, movies and books. You know how it is in popular media. Usually the character going to therapy says they have been seeing their therapist for years and yet they still have a bunch of problems in their life. Is this the fault of the therapist or a case of the patient not actually wanting to change themselves for the better?
     For me I want to change for the better as scared as I am to face my own demons and talk about things from my past that I prefer to keep under lock and key. I want to be the best person I can be for myself and for my daughter.
    So, readers, feel free to comment your opinions and experiences with therapy. Thank you for reading!


The Week Ends #1: Hot Topic Bandwagon

     So, I am going to hop onto the hot topic bandwagon and write about how gay marriage got legalized across the US. I would like to start with a disclaimer that I am a bad citizen and very rarely read the news. I spent today reading a couple articles, four specifically, that contained different reactions to this event.
     First I will give you reader my personal experience with homosexuality. In high school I dated one female briefly for two reasons. 1) I was curious. 2) I have always found men and women equally attractive. Unfortunately this experiment ended terribly since in my experience with females even as friends has never really ended well. Somehow I seem to attract the type of woman who enjoys drama, and I myself like to avoid drama. But, if I was single and the right woman came into my life I would not say no just because she is female.
     From what I read today there seemed to be three responses. First there was the obvious happy response. I am part of this camp and I really liked what Justice Kennedy said. “No longer may this liberty be denied. No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”
     Second there was the concern that pedophiles would soon have the same rights due to the supposed domino effect legalized gay marriage would cause. This concern I found on this website: . I do not think this should be a concern because I think there is a difference between a relationship between two consenting adults and an adult and a child.
     Thirdly there is the concern that organized religion, especially priests and pastors, would now be attacked if they do not comply and perform marriage rights for homosexual couples. This I got from this website: . I do agree that it is a concern for people to be unhappy with priests and pastors who do not want to perform these ceremonies, but it is their right to refuse service to whoever they want to. What I disagreed with in the article is it said that county clerks should not have to issue out marriage licenses to homosexual couples if they did not want to. This I disagree with, because that is their job. I do not think that you should not have to do a portion of your job just because you don’t want to and especially if it is not harming anyone.
    Well, those are my thoughts on the hot topic of the week. Feel free to comment any opinions and/or information and I will gladly read it. Thank you for reading my thoughts on the subject matter.


Midweek Hump #1: New Teeth and Child Rearing

“Every breath I breath I breath for her.”

 – Sense8 on Netflix

“Those things that mark you when you’re young make you who you are. You never escape them.”

 – Penny Dreadful on Showtime

This is my first actual post. I want to let you the reader know that any names I mention will be changed and some details of my life will also be changed. Better safe than sorry.

This last week my five month old Autumn got her first teeth. Both of her bottom front teeth are popping up at the same time. Let us say at least that this has been challenging. It pains me and frustrates me when the pain of those first teeth cutting cause her to cry nonstop. It also pains me that her father, and my boyfriend, Nathan, can somehow soothe her faster and easier than I can. Sometimes I feel like I am just telling myself that I am doing my best when more can be done.

The above quote from “Penny Dreadful” really got me thinking about how I raise Autumn. I started to worry that I would do something that would “mark” my daughter in the wrong way. What if I didn’t pick her up fastest enough once she started crying and she began to think that I didn’t love her enough. Then I realized that all parents mark there children in some way. We are the pottery makers and we mold our children, for good or for worse. I can’t speak for all parents, but I am trying my best and I will get my Autumn through the pain of her new teeth popping up from her little pink gums. Two have come through, only eighteen more to go.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!


A Hello With a Smile

Hello! This is my first time blogging. Actually, let us not start off with even small lies, this is my second time blogging. My first time ended after my first post because heaven forbid I actually stick to something I plan on doing. Anyways…

I am doing this blog as a way to write (clearly) and not procrastinate about it (hopefully). The posts will probably end up being a hodge podge of different topics since I am myself a hodge podge kind of person.

The title pretty much explains my mindset at this moment in my life. Half mother due to me being a first time mom with a wonderful five month old. I know most parents think their kinds are wonderful, but my little girl is a walk in the park compared to some parenting horror stories I have heard. The other half of my mind set is all me, which sometimes I think is just a wee bit crazy (or perhaps more than a wee bit).

I think this blog will be a good read for other mother’s out there, and I am glad to hear other parents’s opinions and advice although I might not take it all. It will also be good if you like human interest stories since this will probably end up just being me spouting off the nonsense inside my head.

With all that said, I hope you guys enjoy and if you don’t enjoy, I apologize, but we probably just have different tastes and should see other people.